Visual Merchandising: The Secret to Successful Display in Your Store

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Visual merchandising is the sales driver in most stores today. It helps clients to identify what they want and encourage them to convert. It helps retailers to optimize their store layout and identify the perfect position to place items. Notably, visual merchandising requires retailers to identify the right POS model to help clients finish and checkout in style. 

Your visual merchandising should be centered on two goals; enhancing the brand image and influencing their behaviors. Here are some secrets to achieving these objectives.

Use straight store layouts 

This is a unique method that helps to provide a store with optimal space for displaying the merchandise. The layout is also preferred because it helps to define specific focal points. This display is ideal for dollar stores and supermarkets.

Position consumable products on the back of the store 

These are the items that every client has to take before going out of the store. By placing them at the back, it means that the buyer will have to walk through other merchandise. Such consumables that draw a lot of traffic include bread, milk, sugar, and toilet paper.

Place seasonal merchandise at the front 

Seasonal merchandises are the items that are available only for a short session. In most cases, you do not want to be left with such items when the season closes. Therefore, you have to place them at a point that everyone will notice and buy. For example, you do not want to be left with the valentine merchandise when the season of ‘love’ is over. Therefore, place such merchandise at the front of the store.

Position general groceries and merchandise 

When you place items that go together in different sections of the store, clients will have to look for them. Note that this does not mean hiding them. Rather, it helps clients to explore the store and discover more.  Make sure to use the right signage and lighting to guide clients, show offers, bring out themes, and capture clients emotionally.

Positioning the merchandise in a store in a manner that will articulately capture the attention of the clients is never easy. Make sure to keep the items consistently in the store and take advantage of clients buying habits. Remember to regularly alter the store’s display settings to make it better and align everything with clients’ preferences.

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