Our added values

Language available / 対応可能言語 : 日本語

Designers and producers of qualitative retail fixtures and display materials

Swisstribe Limited design and manufacture custom retail fixtures and displays for the luxury industry. With a strong technical background and a sound specialization in the watch and jewelry market, the company, incepted in 2012, delivers POS material to a short list of well-known brands.

Trusted partner Swisstribe design, prototype, manufacture and store – deliver worldwide all essential materials for an enhance retail presence.

Swisstribe differenciates from the competition by the extensive manufacturing experience of its Swiss and Japanese founders living in mainland China and Hong-Kong since 13 years.

The company name SWISSTRIBE reflects our particular philosophy, a small assembly of personalities with a common culture.

    Meet the team

    Ayako (technology) Sakuraba, Swisstribe co-founder and Director

    Ayako not only speaks Japanese, but also English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese, her ability to communicate with our clients and our production teams in their own languages is a definitive asset for the company.

    Ayako is details oriented, as all Japanese, and benefit of 13 years of experience working with Japanese brands for their international trade marketing and retail environment needs.

    Patrick (wood) Mottet, Swisstribe co-founder and Director

    A rare Swiss French whom could also speaks Swiss German, English and Mandarin, as a wood crafter by trade his ability to build by himself the products manufactured in large quantities by Swisstribe is a definitive asset when dealing with production concerns.

    If Patrick preference is going to wood products he also benefit from an extensive multi-materials experience gained in China for the last 13 years, as a Swiss he always privileges quality.

    The Essentials

    Eva, Sheila, Shirley, Jason,…and many others in China are an essential part of the tribe success, by their dedication and experience, by their creativity and can do attitude.


    The Hong-Kong in-house design team, a subtle mix of experienced designers not worried of being creatives, delivers impeccable solutions to enhance the brand’s values with eyes catching designs.

    Seated next to our technical design team, the designers are benefiting from instant comments about production feasibility and cost, a key advantage to meet our client’s expectations!

    Swisstribe design team also enjoys a partnership with a Japanese design studio and these daily exchanges are the best example of East meets West, a powerful combination of talents.

    their clients of the luxury industry are very often Asians and this is also a good reason to start the creative process where it will be finally purchased.


    Swisstribe production management with 13 years of experiences in South China is delivering incredible results; we live and breathe at the rhythm of our manufactures.

    Swisstribe knows inside out the production processes and is able t detect and solve issues, saving time, energy and money for everybody.

    Design from clients are welcomed, as we are also designers when we translate ideas and concepts into production you can be assured that we won’t take any liberties with your wishes.

    The Swiss and Japanese owners don’t need to be briefed about quality as they are educated in the most demanding countries in this respect.