Visual Merchandising Tips to Help Make Your Retail Store Profitable

Visual merchandising has become the preferred method of enhancing user experience and leveraging sales. It acts as a lever for building business identity and separating it from the competitors. Top brands use visual merchandising to build a good image and further generate observational data to help them make the right marketing decisions. 

Tracking the success of the visual merchandising methods used in a store, the management can empower the marketing team to execute more targeted displays and promotions that help to drive sales. You will be able to answer the questions such as “Which is the best section to position new arrivals?” and “What interactive displays do the audience prefer?”

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When creating and implementing visual merchandising plans, it is important to have all the variables. You need to ask the following questions:

  • What is the target audience?
  • What does the target audience want?
  • What visual merchandising have you used successfully in the past?

Understanding the targeted client and noting their likes, it becomes easy to tailor the stores merchandising strategies to fit their preferences. The following are four techniques that will help your store to increase sales.

The Rule of Three 

In visual merchandising, “three” is considered to be a magic number. It helps to catch the clients’ attention and cements the display in the clients’ mind. This is the reason why many retail marketing experts follow the Rule of Three with precision.

The rule of three involves using a set of three items as opposed to only one. For example, if you are groping items based on their height, consider mixing tall, medium and short designs. The rule ensures that your client, those who want the short, medium, or tall items will all be satisfied. For the clients who are very conscious about the price of the items, consider arranging them in the order good, better and the best value.

The Rule of Three creates asymmetry in the display that helps to draw the targeted clients’ attention. It also works well in most items because ‘three’ is an odd number. This off-balance outlook makes clients to gaze at various aspects of the items on display by exploring each one of them as opposed to generalizing the entire display at once.

Promote impulse buying 

Have you ever entered into a store to buy an item but came out with a full cart? That should be a major goal of the visual merchandising strategy adopted in your store. Your displays should be carefully designed to throw the clients buying self-control off-balance.

How can you make clients buy more? 

When creating the visual merchandising strategies, it is important to make sure that every aspect targets to enhance the customer value. The displays should be carefully done to teach shoppers about the new items they should take together with what they wanted. If a client wanted a shirt, create a unique story that connects it to a tie on the display. You could even attach a special discount to the paired items.

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Make your visual merchandising data driven 

The modern customer is more informed than the classic one. Most of the clients will check the items they want to buy on multiple channels before walking down street to your store. Your visual merchandising should, therefore, be data driven to understand what the target client wants. This data should be used to interpret the customer behavior and ensure they get the best experience and the right items in your store.

  • Use data to find about the target client.
  • Try to understand their preferred methods of communication when in the store.
  • What areas do they visit first?
  • Do they come for repeat items?
  • What are their views about your store, brand, and items?

When you work on visual merchandising strategies, the target should be getting the client to get emotionally connected and own the item on display. The outlined three tactics will help you to create revered clients who will own the brand, come back for more, and even refer new clients.

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