Crafting the Best Store Designs to Optimize Conversions

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To drive optimal sales, retailers must look for the designs that help to draw clients to all merchandise. The secret is ensuring you understand the clients’ behavior and position items where they will drive emotional connection.

Note that the designs depend on the type of merchandise you deal with. For example, the design for a jewelry store is different from that of a boutique or retail store. Here, we bring you the best way to craft great store designs for a boutique. 

Make sure to organize the merchandise by brands 

Here, the secret is deciding the brands that you want to place at the front and others to position in the back. Make sure to place the top brands at the points that every client will go. Well-known brand should be positioned at the back so that customers can discover other brands as they pass through.

Organize the clothes starting from the brightest

The arrangement of a boutique should help to drive optimal visual appeal. Placing the bright clothes at the front helps to capture the attention of target clients and draws them to continue exploring other.

Position the smaller boutique items on the front section 

Once you get it right on colors, go ahead and focus on size. By placing the small items at the front, they become visible without getting obstructed by the larger items. Remember that color and size are always intertwined. For example, if you are arranging ladies dresses, consider hanging the gray, blue, and black jeans on the racks. Then, pick each color and start with the smallest to the largest.

Place accessories at the back

Boutique accessories and underwear are considered high theft items. Therefore, they should be located closer to the fitting station or cash registers where employees are stationed. This location helps to take full control of shrink items.

To drive the sales even higher, make sure that the design is reviewed regularly and changed on a monthly basis. It is also crucial to come up with the right theme that users can easily identify with and drive emotional connection. Therefore, make the designs fluid and changes a routine for the boutique.

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