In 2016 don’t be a monkey and purchase in China!

Language available / 対応可能言語 : 日本語

Made in ChinaShipments costs from China to the rest of the world have decreased drastically; production costs are stable as the salary increases are now under control. RMB currency will only be more favorable.

It’s a green light to manufacture in China, the last few years many factories adapted their production lines to accommodate small orders and are now ready in term of capacities and organization to deliver higher quality on time.

As wood specialists working for the luxury market we are producing showcases, sales counters and SIS since many years in China, although this activity remain in the south of china at a controlling distance from Hong Kong we are benefiting now from better market conditions.

The south of China experienced drastic changes the last few years, shortage of workers, factories being pushed out from the Shenzhen district, new laws and regulations.

Factories adapted, a lot closed and its seems that in few days many workers returning to work will again as every year find their factories closed. The survivors are the best organized manufactures and they are, as we are, ready for a successful year of the Monkey.

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