The Three Visual Merchandising Secrets For New Stores

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Are you planning to start a retail store? Its growth will depend on many factors such as marketing and type of product. However, it is the visual merchandising that will help more to drive emotional connection and conversion. The following are the three most useful visual merchandising secrets that every new store requires. 

Create the most enthralling experience using display colors 

The primary goal of using visual merchandising is capturing the audience attention and persuading potential clients to draw closer. Your visual merchandising should help to make the store stand out from the rest in the neighborhood. When selecting the colors for the display, it is important to pick what appeals to the audience and captures their imagination.

Remember that even when you identify a specific color that works well, you cannot stick to it all the time. You need to change progressively to make the display better and more appealing. You can tell this by carrying progressive studies on colors, color effects and their effects on consumer behavior.

A black and orange display for Ritmo Latino

Make the display real and interactive 

When clients come to your store, you can only make them buy by converting them from shoppers to buyers. Here it is vital to ensure you understand what the target client wants and deliver it in the best way possible. This can be achieved by engaging the clients through all the senses; sight, hearing, feeling and tasting where possible.

It is especially crucial to use technology to make clients experience the respective items of interest in use. Whether selling luxury items or home products, your clients need to get that experience.  You can extend this feeling by combining the interactive display with convention marketing especially referrals.

Ensure to center the store around a unique theme 

The theme you select for your store can help to make or break it. The secret is selecting a theme that rhymes well with seasons and customer demands. For example, the theme you pick for Christmas sales period should be different from what is used during Halloween.

Visual merchandising experts recommend a review of the themes using colors, lighting and altering the display layout regularly. Note that you can even alter the theme in between the main seasons to give the target clients the desire to come back and buy more.

Remember to involve the target clients when changing the theme. This will help your clients to get an additional connection and even refer new clients.

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