Out Of The Box Visual Merchandising Tactics You Should Try This Festive Season 

The year is fast racing to the end and the festive season is beckoning. Every merchandiser is targeting to win more clients and surpass last year’s sales margin. What are the best strategies that will make this season more successful? Here are three out of the box strategies that will work for you. 

Change the store to become the festive store 

When planning for the festive season, it is important to appreciate that the “Christmas client” is very different from the regular client. The client wants to carry the memories of the items and the shopping thrill for many years to come. This implies that you need to change both the store and the products.

  • Look for a layout that shouts it is the festive season.
  • Go for something different on the window display to shout that the festive season is on.
  • Focus on interrupting the customer journey by displaying the ultimate gift that is irresistible for their loved ones.

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Go an extra mile to create a special experience for clients

As online and mobile shopping continues taking over, the conventional retailers are forced to seek creative ways of giving users a unique experience to convert. There are two ways you can create this thrill and channel all shoppers into the store this festive season.

  • Use interactive displays to help users interact with the items. From the fashion to home products, allowing users to see and feel the items will help to enhance emotional connection. If you are selling food or food [products, purpose to have a desk to allow clients to taste.
  • Use the shop windows to shout the surprising gifts and new offers to clients. This will create special anticipation for the clients and draw them into your store.

Experts recommend that you should extend this fanfare even to other platforms such as print, television, and social media.

Adopt a theme and continue with it throughout the store

The attractive display and that strong allure of the festive season mounted outside should not ebb out at the door. If this happens, clients will feel cheated and walk away. Instead, you need to ensure that the theme continues throughout the store.

Make sure that the offer you shouted on the window is reflected on all items in the store.

The colors and pomp should be taken into the store to make the clients buy more. Every part of the store should have special lighting and colors bringing out the strength of the displayed items in a festive way. To drive even more sales, do not cut the festive shopping the moment Christmas or New Year closes. Rather, extend it and give even bigger offers to keep clients streaming in.

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